submission reading series

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

submission reading series is curated by blind online submission. right now, we're open to poetry and prose submissions from July 30th-August 30th, for a final reading at Airstream Poetry Festival in Seaview, WA on Saturday, Oct. 20th.

this year we are offering lodging and a modest travel stipend (about $100) to attend the festival! because we're fundraising for this opportunity but also want to keep submission accessible, there are both free and 'by donation' categories for submitting your work. if you have a couple bucks to spare, it would make a huge difference to us if you donated, as it takes a lot of our time / energy / money to keep submission running :)

if you live outside of WA or OR, feel free to apply, but please be aware that we do not yet have funds to offer more than the abovementioned sum of money for travel. by submitting your work, you must agree to understanding this stipulation.

  • Please send only one submission per genre per reading period. 
  • A cover letter is not required (in case you're curious, we don't get access to the cover letters until after we choose the readers).
  • We welcome previously published work and request no rights. 
  • Since we are doing our best to read blind, please make every effort to strip your work of identifying information before sending it to us - please no names in the docs or as the title of your uploaded document.
  • Poets should submit 5-10 pages of poems. Prose writers should submit 5-15 double-spaced pages of prose. 
  • Previous submission readers & close friends are ineligible to submit. 
  • All writers should submit through our Submittable portal.

Feel free to contact us with further questions at submissionpdx[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

submission reading series